We specialise in the supply and installation of trafficable synthetic safety surfaces designed to be img2both safe and attractive.Wetpour is a term referring to the process by which rubber granules are applied to the area to be covered.Softfall rubber surfaces comprise two layers.The base is SBR, or shredded black rubber, derived from tyres

It is this layer that provides impact attenuation.
The top coat, or wear layer, is the coloured surface of the finished product  .img4
There are two options available.

1) Precoloured rubber is also derived from tyres, but is coated in coloured oxides.

2) EPDM is the premium option. This is a synthetic rubber granule, homogenous throughout, which comes in a wide variety of shades from earth tones to vivid, fun-inducing colours.

In both cases, the rubber is mixed with a polyurethane binder and poured out of the mixer to be trowled smooth.

We also provide a range of synthetic grass which can also be certified for safety with the addition of a softfall rubber underlay.img1

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