Q:   What does EPDM stand for ?

A:   Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer

Q:   What does that mean ?

A:   It’s a long-wearing, non toxic, synthetic compound with colour homogenous throughout which means it won’t wear back to black like recycled products will. It’s also more flexible for long term safety.

Q:   How do you lay it ?

A:   The rubber comes as a granule. It is mixed with polyurethane and trowled smooth.

Q:   Is it hot ?

A:   No, there’s no heat in the process at all. It’s not like bitumen.

Q:   Is it permeable ?

A:   Yes. Wetpoured rubber surfaces are porous so rain water runs straight through to the substrate.

Q:   How long before we can walk / play / fall on it ?

A:  The binder has to cure before it can bear any weight. This happens over several hours depending on humidity and temperature but it’s usually safe to walk on the day after installation.

Q:   What is a Wambenger  ?

A:   A little-known marsupial, scientific name Phascogale tapoatafa, it is carniverous and the male lives for only 12 months !

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