Safety Surface Playground

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We are one of the most reputed provider of playground safety flooring services, specializing in synthetic floor, synthetic playground grass and rubber playground rubber flooring. With over two decades of being in the softfall industry, we have built a great reputation and lots of satisfied clients across NSW and rest of Australia.

We have always given special emphasis on safety surface for playgrounds where kids and their guardians spend hours. Our specially trained tradesmen are skilled enough to carry out all things safe surface and flooring – starting from site preparation to pouring of rubber or laying synthetic grass and perfectly install playground safety flooring.

Advanced Safety Surface Playground Flooring

Of all the playground safety flooring and surface available only the synthetic floor provided by WetPour gives the unique combination of designs, modern technology, safety and affordability. Based in Strathfield South, NSW WetPour provides quite simply the best playground safety surface in Australia, be it rubber playground flooring, synthetic floor or synthetic playground grass. For rubber playground flooring and synthetic playground grass we use the latest technology to create the safest and most durable surface that can withstand all weather conditions. Our advanced safety playground surface and synthetic floor are UV resistant and ensures low maintenance.

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