What is Wetpour

Wetpour is a term referring to the process by which rubber granules are applied to the area to be covered.

A certified softfall system comprises two layers; the ‘softfall’ underlay and a ‘wear layer’ also known as the ‘top coat’. Both layers are hand trowled while the mixture is still fluid.

The thickness of the underlay varies depending on the FHF (Free Height of Fall) of the play equipment in the playground. The thicker the softfall, the bouncier it is.

EPDM Cross Section

Cross section

Our softfall underlay is derived from recycled, shredded truck tyres which would otherwise be thrown away as land fill or burned overseas. It is sourced from local retreaders so we’re supporting local industry while protecting the environment.

EPDM is a virgin, synthetic rubber, coloured all the way through as the section above shows. It isn’t just coloured, recycled tyre rubber, so the colour will never come off and leave black tracks through the surface.

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